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Almond Butter 1kg

690158505 // Mandelsmör 1 kg

Mandelsmör 1 kg
  • Högt innehåll av protein och fibrer
  • Fyllt med hälsosamma fetter
  • 100 % naturligt utan tillsatser

BULK POWDERS® kvalitetssäkrar hela produktionskedjan i allt från att hitta de främsta råvarorna till produktionen i de kliniskt välskötta faciliteterna och gedigna tester av slutprodukter.

Högsta kvalitet

BULK POWDERS® använder enbart högkvalitativa råvaror, oavsett kostnad. Vi använder inga billiga utfyllnadssubstanser, utan alla råvaror är noga utvalda där högsta kvalitet är den avgörande faktorn.

Rekommenderas av atleter

BULK POWDERS® stora utbud av produkter används av alla typer av atleter; från elitidrottare till vardagsmotionärer.


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    Du kanske också skulle gilla...

    Active Foods™ Mandelsmör består till 100 % av rent naturligt mandelsmör. Det tillverkas enbart för BULK POWDERS ™ av skållade mandlar och innehåller inga tillsatser eller konserveringsmedel – det innebär inget tillsatt salt, socker eller palmolja.

    Näringsmässigt är Active Foods™ Mandelsmör från BULK POWDERS™ mycket imponerande. Det innehåller extremt mycket kalorier (612 Kcal/100 g) och höga halter av protein (25,1 g/100 g) och fibrer (10,4 g/100 g). Dessutom innehåller det hälsosamma enkel-omättade fettsyror (34,1 g/100 g), som bevisligen sänker det dåliga kolesterolet till fördel för det goda.

    BULK POWDERS™ Mandelsmör är det perfekta komplementet till alla dieter och fungerar utmärkt som ett hälsosamt mellanmål med hög proteinhalt.

    Obs: Resultaten varierar från person till person. Individer kan reagera olika. De indikerade resultaten förutsätter en lämplig kost- och träningsplan.

    Ingredienser i Mandelsmör

    100 % skållade mandlar.

    Näringsinnehåll i Mandelsmör

    Per 100 g:

    Energi kJ/Kcal 2534/612, protein 25,1 g, kolhydrater 5,9g, (varav socker) 3,9 g, fett 55,8 g, (varav mättade fettsyror) 4,4 g, (varav polyomättade) 34,1 g, (varav enkel-omättade fettsyror) 14,2 g, fibrer 10,4 g, natrium 0 g.

    Lämpligt för

    Vegetarianer och veganer.


    Mandel. Spår av jordnötter och andra nötter kan förekomma. 


    Intaget av Active Foods™ Mandelsmör är upp till konsumenten, så vi rekommenderar att denna produkt används i utefter ditt näringsbehov.

    Observera: Viss naturlig separering av denna produkt kan förekomma och ger då ett lager olja på ytan. Du skall då bara röra om i produkten för att återfå önskad konsistens.

    På grund av mandelns naturliga egenskaper och avsaknad av tillsatser, kan konsistensen på denna produkt verka torr, vilket kan gör det svårt att breda ut den som smör.


    Det förekommer ingen direkt synergi med Mandelsmör, men det används ofta tillsammans med andra produkter från BULK POWDERS™ Active Foods™ -sortimentet som Peanut ButterOrganic Virgin Coconut Oil och Liquid Egg Whites.

    Obs: Resultaten varierar från person till person. Individer kan reagera olika. De indikerade resultaten förutsätter en lämplig kost- och träningsplan.

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    * Disclaimer: The reviews below are those of validated customers and are based on their personal opinions. Implied results may vary.

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    Excellent product! Review by Tosin
    I love this almond butter, like the previous reviewers say, it is milder tasting compared to supermarket almond butter and I really appreciate this. I thought I didn't like almond butter as it always tasted burnt to me but the Bulk Powders almond butter is mild and sweet and almondy (think toasted rather than roasted to death). Absolutely delicious! I also love that it comes in a big tub with lots of room to stir the butter well before using. (Posted on 2017-06-17)
    Perfect Review by Kris
    Cheaper than other brands and much tastier as the almond are skin off.So addictive (Posted on 2017-05-26)
    Fantastic Review by Malachite
    This is the best Almond butter ever. Love it and will be buying lots more! (Posted on 2017-04-26)
    Not smooth Review by Anders
    Great taste of lightly roasted almonds. Not completely smooth though. (Posted on 2017-03-19)
    A favourite of mine Review by Stefianna
    I find this butter the easiest and tastiest butter from Bulk Powders, it has a sweet flavour and a little bit of crunch left in it. There is also enough oil in it to spread easily.

    I am interested to try other brands of almond butter to compare now. Overall great value for money. (Posted on 2017-02-13)
    Tasty Review by Urbane
    My tub is like a viscous liquid, so it can fall off a spoon easily if too much is scooped up. (Posted on 2016-12-28)
    Great taste Review by CCUK
    The taste is far better (sweeter) than the brand I have been buying but comparing the labels it is a bit higher in Fat & Carbs and less Protien. I only have a teaspoon a day on a rice cake so for almost half the price that I usually pay, I suppose it's a good deal! It tastes really sweet, kinda like regular peanut butter, which I love. (Posted on 2016-08-19)
    Love it! Review by Mirek
    Absolutely love this almond butter! Taste great and I will definitely buy it again. 1kg for £12 is a huge bargain! Recommend (Posted on 2016-08-09)
    Moreish Review by balearicbayes
    I love this almond butter. First tub was very dry however the next tub I purchased was perfect in texture. I'm currently on an anti-candida diet so peanut butter is a no-no. The only problem is a kilo only lasts me a few weeks....oops!!! (Posted on 2016-08-02)
    Better than you think Review by Specs
    This almond butter is VERY good. Taking the skin off the almond makes it sweeter and more importantly removes a great deal of phytates which are basically the nuts defence chemicals to prevent other animals from consuming them. If you've ever had digestive problems with consuming nuts then taking the skins off can help this. It also helps improve absorption of the nuts nutrients.

    The only thing that can make this nut butter even better would be if the nuts were soaked and sprouted beforehand. A smoother blending wouldn't hurt too.

    Still one of the best almond butter I have found!! (Posted on 2016-05-25)
    The best! Review by FeFiFoFum
    This almond butter is great! It's naturally sweet (no added sugar) and has a great flavour. Will satisfy any cravings, fullstop! (Posted on 2016-02-24)
    Excellent Review by Nat
    Great almond butter with no oily separation, tastes fantastic really pleased with this one (Posted on 2016-01-13)
    Beautiful, subtle Almond flavor, Perfect in Strawberry Jam Sandwich Review by SuperSayian
    Pleasantly surprised at the Quality and flavor.

    Incredibly versatile and excellent price

    So happy to have found Bulk Powders, excellent service (Posted on 2015-08-13)
    Nice, but wish it was skin-on Review by sapree
    The consistency is great, and as I use it in my protein shake, the taste is not a big deal. But I wish these were roasted with the skin on, as it adds an extra bit of flavour to it. The oily taste in mine is a bit strong compared to what I am used to, but nothing bad. (Posted on 2015-08-11)
    Lovely Review by Pat
    Beautiful nut butter. The roast is perfect. I hate the nut butters that have a dominating burnt coffee taste. I am sure this is better for nutritional reasons as well but who cares - it is delicious. I have just got it and have been having it on its own on corncakes and with sliced bananas. If I can leave any I will be using it instead of tahini in hummus.

    I find that however much you process almond the skin always catches in my throat.

    The only almond product I prefer to this is a milk made from fresh, wet almonds, picked when they are just ripening and processed the same day. Unfortunately I am no longer on an almond farm. (Posted on 2015-07-30)
    Not much flavour Review by gfreeb
    I find this almond butter to be somewhat bland compared with other, whole nut butters. This tastes like blanched almonds, and is somewhat grainy. It is, however a lot less oily and inclined to separate than some I've tried. (Posted on 2015-07-22)
    Different, but change is good! Review by isitafox
    Cracked open a tub of this and it wasn't how I expected, like other people have said it's a lot drier than the usual almond butters and looks more like dry marzipan. The flavour is a lot less apparent but I hate nuts anyway and only use it in shakes with protein, bananas and porridge so this wins for me. Also the drier texture means it doesn't end up everywhere when you scoop it out.
    Pretty sure the 2 tubs I've bought won't last much more than a few weeks! (Posted on 2015-07-06)
    The absolute nuts! Review by The Great White
    I like to think I know my almond butters, having tried most available in the UK, including many that are imported from the US, and hands down, this beats them all. Whichever way you measure it, whether it's by value, taste or quality, this really is the nuts! Bulk Powders could really up their game by making an organic version available too - sure, it would be more expensive, but I think many would be willing to pay the necessary premium. (Posted on 2015-04-21)
    Good taste Review by Michelle
    I doubt it is natural almond butter because of the price, as you can see the almond they sell here is cheaper than the almond butter, but they say it is almond butter and nothing else has been added, I dunno how this works, but the flavour is good, I've also drained lots of extra oil from the top of the almond butter.

    Note from BULK POWDERS™ - This product is 100% pure almond butter, nothing else has been added whatsoever. (Posted on 2015-04-12)
    I was expecting it to be more almondy Review by Dominic
    Its very nice and great for a spoonful when you need a little hit, I was just expecting it to leap out of the tub, headbutt across the room and scream "I AM ALMOND BUTTER!!!!"

    I'll order it again. (Posted on 2015-01-28)
    Great stuff Review by Fred
    I've been putting 20/30gr on my breakfast shake every morning for the past 3 months. Great stuff! :) (Posted on 2015-01-23)
    Should come with a serious warning!!! Review by Nick C
    Do not buy this! its like nut-butter perfection!!!

    It's only been in the house a few hours and I've already visited it 3 (and a half) times!

    You have to laugh at the subtle note in the directions:

    "consumption is self limiting"

    I don't think I've ever had to exercise this much restraint over a nut butter! (Posted on 2014-11-27)
    Decent taste, great value. Review by Ian
    The only reason I'm giving this 3 stars and not 4 is because I'd prefer if there was a skind on/off choice. These are skins off and I think it loses some flavour that way but that's my personal tastes. (Posted on 2014-10-30)
    Almost like a fat marzipan! :) Review by Søren
    This almond butter is both healty and tasty (like a fat marzipan, but better!). I will definitely buy this cheap and perfect source of healthy fat and protein again. :) (Posted on 2014-09-26)
    Excellent Review by Janet
    Like the previous reviewer, I found this a little odd at first because the almonds have been blanched and I was used to the taste of the skin-on roasted brands. However, I've come to prefer this product's subtle almond taste.

    Can't help but think it would make great marzipan/almond paste for baking, but that would defeat the object somewhat!!! (Posted on 2014-07-24)
    Hittin it raw Review by Sam
    I love this product because the almonds haven't been roasted like almost all other almond butters that are available. They're either raw or they've been very lightly blanched so the fats are more intact than roasted alternatives. Obviously this means the taste is different to a roasted almond butter but I've grown to prefer this flavour.

    One thing I will say is that with a 1kg tub you need to give it a serious mix every so often to keep the oil integrated into the butter, otherwise it settles.

    Great product, really handy in the bedtime shake. (Posted on 2014-05-12)
    Not too bad Review by Royston
    I've tried the Meridian Food almond butter, it's more liquid and has stronger almond flavour.

    This it tasted a little bit powdery and thick texture. But overall is quite good. (Posted on 2014-03-09)
    Sensational Review by Hawk
    Outstanding ! (Posted on 2014-01-03)
    Great product. Excellent taste Review by Nick
    It is a perfect fit for my taste. I make myself an energy boost mix with 2 tablespoons of Almond Butter, 1 tablespoon of honey and 1 teaspoon of cocoa powder - great tasting on its own too or mixed in a protein shake. Excellent source of essential fats. (Posted on 2013-09-07)
    You can always take :-) Review by Maisi
    Good creaminess and flavour. I love it in my cookies! (Posted on 2013-09-03)
    So good it should be illegal! Review by Cristina
    I just tried this product and it was love at first bite. Very indulgent, it's like marzipan but without the sugar and a great way to add healthy fats to my diet. (Posted on 2013-08-08)
    ALMOND BUTTER 1KG Review by Emma
    Very good price but the taste is a little powdery. It's fine for chucking into banana omelette but nowhere near a tasty as whole almond butter. (Posted on 2013-05-13)
    Almond Butter? Sounds Nice! Review by Nathan Woods
    Title says all. Haven't tried it yet, but still sounds nice. Nuuuuts..... (Posted on 2013-04-27)
    Nicest I've found yet Review by Damian
    Really smooth and mild taste and lot of it, great value will defo get it again (Posted on 2013-03-21)
    Tastes... dusty? Review by Fran
    Great nutritional value in this butter, however whatever I add it to ends up with a 'dusty' taste.

    I'd tried another brands version - roasted almond butter - which was lovely and really nutty & more like the supermarket nut butters I'm used to. Seems as this one is RAW and therefore has more nutrients, I thought I'd give it a go. Now I'm stuck with 2 tubs of it and I don't enjoy it. My suggestion - If you're not used to (or don't like) the taste of raw almonds... this might not be the one for you. (Posted on 2013-02-21)
    Great Taste - Highly Nutritious Value! Review by Alexandru Vlad
    Great Taste - Highly Nutritious Value! Nothing else to add. You can mix it with whey protein / instant oats + water and the combo will blow you away.
    (Posted on 2013-01-11)
    Very Great But Review by Thierry Alexandre
    Great stuff, beautiful consistency and taste at a wonderful value, speedy delivery and everything else that could be dreamed of... thank you so much! I would like to suggest however sourcing the skin ON version as it tastes and looks even better and is much better for one than the processes to remove the skins... also please source some equivalents in hazelnut and walnut for us? thank you so much! (Posted on 2012-12-19)
    Love it Review by Rachel
    We have gone through 4 tubs of this between two of us in 4 months in our house. The other half has it on corn cakes and in smoothies. I love it in yoghurt. It's pure and tastes great.

    Only problem have to watch how much I have, don't want to overdo all the hard work in the gym! (Posted on 2012-11-21)
    Delicious Review by Rachel
    We bought 4 tubs of this 4 months ago and are almost finished the fourth tub.

    Much better than MyP******s almond butter - completely natural and delicious.

    It works well on toast! Love it - don't change a thing... (Posted on 2012-10-05)
    Nice but odd colour (IMO) Review by Vanessa
    It's nice, but I prefer the BP peanut butter, which is amazing!

    The colour (beige) of this almond butter is not overly appetising, but the taste is fine - however I personally prefer another brand of almond butter. (Posted on 2012-10-05)
    good stuff Review by marc
    Almond butter never mixes well and clumps but that is totally normal. The health benefit far outweighs the difficulty spreading, i like to use a lump in my oats in the morning to make sure im getting my essential fats.

    It can settle with oil on the top , just stir well like bulkpowders suggest (Posted on 2012-10-01)
    5 stars Review by John
    Perfect! (Posted on 2012-09-29)
    It's great, for it's proper uses! Review by Aksel
    This is not a butter you can smear on your toast, it's more like a big lump of mashed almonds (which it actually is).

    I use it in homemade proteinbars and in homemade chocolate spread, and it's brilliant!

    Very convenient and a great source of healthy fats, fiber and proteins! (Posted on 2012-08-17)
    Almond Butter Review by Desi
    I am very sorry to say this is NOT nice at all. I have had to stop taking it. Bulkpowders please get this right.

    Note from BulkPowders: Thanks for your review. Sorry that you are not happy with the taste of this product. Unforutnately there is very little we can do about this as it simply uses one ingredient: almonds! The majority of feedback has been excellent in regard to taste but we do accept that this is of course subjective! (Posted on 2012-08-13)



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