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Complete Greens™

Complete Greens™ Pulver

Special Offer Complete Greens™ Pulver
  • Innehåller 24 näringsrika, väldoserade ingredienser
  • Motsvarar mer än 5 portioner frukt och grönsaker
  • Rikt på vitaminer, mineraler och antioxidanter

BULK POWDERS® kvalitetssäkrar hela produktionskedjan i allt från att hitta de främsta råvarorna till produktionen i de kliniskt välskötta faciliteterna och gedigna tester av slutprodukter.

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BULK POWDERS® använder enbart högkvalitativa råvaror, oavsett kostnad. Vi använder inga billiga utfyllnadssubstanser, utan alla råvaror är noga utvalda där högsta kvalitet är den avgörande faktorn.

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    Köp och tjäna in ed BULK POINTS ™ som du kan använda i framtida köp.

    Complete Greens™ från BULK POWDERS™ innehåller hela 24 ingredienser – alla noggrannt utvalda på grund av deras imponerande näringsinnehåll.

    Complete Greens™ är så näringstätt att en enda portion motsvarar mer än 5 portioner frukt och grönsaker. Med tanke på det låga priset per portion är Complete Greens™ både ett billigt och enkelt sätt att hålla sig frisk och sund.

    Complete Greens™ innehåller ingredienser som spirulina, broccoli, spenat, avocado, vetegräs, vattenkrasse och chlorella, plus vår speciella blandning av fem olika örter, och är därmed det mest innehållsrika frukt- och grönsakstillskottet på marknaden. Alla dessa ingredienser ger dig ett brett utbud av vitaminer, mineraler, antioxidanter, fytonäringsämnen, essentiella fettsyror och fibrer – allt som håller dig på topp hela året runt!

    Som med alla BULK POWDERS™ produkter är Complete Greens™ formulan fullständigt transparent - innehållet av alla ingredienser är tydligt angivet. På så sätt vet du precis vad du får för pengarna och vad du stoppar i din kropp. Dessutom innehåller Complete Greens™ inga som helst fyllnadsmedel, till skillnad från andra märken som ibland innehåller upp till 50 % billiga fyllnadsmedel och tillsatser. BULK POWDERS™ Complete Greens™ levererar 100 % ren hälsa!

    Obs: Resultaten varierar från person till person. Individer kan reagera olika. De indikerade resultaten förutsätter en lämplig kost- och träningsplan.

    Ingredienser i Complete Greens™

    Per portion på 9 g:

    Spirulina 0,9 g, havrefibrer 0,8 g, spenat 0,7 g, broccoli, 0,7 g. Grönkål 0,7 g, vetegräs 0,6 g, korngräs 0,6 g, vattenkrasse 0,5 g, tomat 0,5 g, morot 0,5 g, linfrö 0,5 g, chlorella (bruten cellvägg) 0,35 g, oregano 0,35 g, yuccarot 0,3 g, rödbetor (0,8 % nitrat) 0,25 g, rosmarin 0,25 g, timjan 0.2 g avokadojuicepulver 0,2 g, alfalfagroddar 0,2 g , sojagroddar 0,2 g, persilja 0,2 g, basilika 0,2 g, sumakkli (96 % tannin) 0,15 g, kelp 0,01 g.


    Per 100g:

    Energi (kcal/kJ): 374/1582

    Protein: 19.6g

    Kolhydrater: 60.9g

    Fett: 5.8g


    Per 9g Serving:

    Energi (kcal/kJ): 34/142

    Protein: 1.8g

    Kolhydrater: 5.5g

    Fett: 0.5g


    Lämpligt för

    Vegetarianer och veganer.


    Soja (från sojagroddar).



    Blanda 3 1/2 skopa (cirka 9 g) med 250 ml vatten. Tag 1-2 portioner dagligen.


    Complete Greens™ kan effektivt kombineras med andra hälsofrämjande kosttillskott som exemplelvis Complete Multivitamin Complex™ och Complete Probiotics™

    Obs: Resultaten varierar från person till person. Individer kan reagera olika. De indikerade resultaten förutsätter en lämplig kost- och träningsplan.

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    Not that bad Review by SamG252
    Me and my husband bought the apple & kiwi flavour. It was to aid digestion and give us a boost in the morning (other than coffee). We make it up with 250ml of water and it tastes ok. You get used to it!
    We've ordered the peach & mango one, just waiting on delivery.
    I can't say I feel too much different for having it but I don't feel worse. My husband has reported improved digestion since using this (Posted on 2017-03-31)
    Tastes like Basil, and if nutritionally sound no loss! Review by Fred
    Currently add it to my Strained Yoghurt+whey mix for a veggie boost. Mixes well and just gives a basil taste. (Posted on 2017-03-06)
    Rich in nutrients, poor in taste Review by Rob
    As many others have said - this doesnt taste the best. I went for unflavoured thinking it would be exactly that. It's not. It has a vegitive tang to it that matches the smell. Even when added to a shake (Currently pairing with Choco-peanut whey isolate 90) in the mornings, its still very much apparent in my drink. If you can get past the taste, the nutritional benefits are well proven. Off to find me some internet with a recipe for taking this down without incident! (Posted on 2017-01-24)
    Peach and Mango much Better Review by HaggisWhisperer
    I had been using a similar product from a heath food shop but decided to try this as it was much cheaper. Initially I tried the Apple/Kiwi flavour and I have had to bin it. It was barely drinkable. I'd also bought a peach and mango to try and I decided to give that a go although I wasn't optimistic that it would be much better - it was however, much better. I wouldn't say it was a delight, but it certainly wasn't unpleasant. (Posted on 2016-08-31)
    unflavoured ok with tomatoes juice Review by Ina
    I bought the unflavoured 500gr, I almost finished it. I mix it with tomatoes juice and water and it's great. I'll buy some more of the same. I can't say anything about other positive effects, but it gave me peace of mind (not enough greens in my diet) and helped my digestion. (Posted on 2016-07-29)
    Drinkable Review by Wolverine
    Just got this delivered today. I purchased it from reading the reviews. Gave the peach and mango flavour a try and it's drinkable. It mix's well with no left over bits. I got the 100g bag but trust me if your missing those 5 a day greens get a bigger bag, 100g will last you about 11 days. It's 3 scoops and 250ml water. Don't get the unflavoured a review said it undrinkable. (Posted on 2016-07-20)
    Peach & Mango - GREAT taste! Review by ROMAN
    If you scroll down you can see one of my old reviews for this product, which was left for the unflavored one and it's true, the unflavored version of this tastes very rough and only a brave soul can handle it

    However after giving Peach & Mango a try, I'm very impressed! This stuff is actually drinkable now, it has a pleasant taste and a refreshing aftertaste.

    Sure, you can still get slivers of hints of broccoli and basil but it's masked very well with it's Peach & Mango flavor

    Props to BP for the Natural flavor and sweetener as well

    I would actually love to see more flavors for this in the future (Posted on 2016-07-04)
    Healthy - but disgusting Review by Jonnie
    I previously bought the tablets but when they were out of stocking bought the unflavoured powder version. I've tried a number of ways to drink it but I just can't. It makes me gag it's so grim. Sorry BP I love you guys but how am I supposed to drink this? Going to maybe try it with some Complete Fruits powder. (Posted on 2016-06-20)
    Can't believe how nice it tastes Review by DC
    I bought the Peach and Mango, and like another reviewer I mixed it with the complete fruits. I have never tasted a green drink like it, with the flavouring and fruits it tastes almost like a mixed fruit squash drink from the supermarket.
    I used to have green drinks a while back but the problem is they either tasted like river water or the garden lawn the difference in taste is just IMMENSE.
    Have to order some more now as everyone likes it so it won't last long. (Posted on 2016-05-28)
    Apple / Kiwi Review by klkpl
    Love almost anything from Bulkpowders as all your product remain honest and transparent please never change that....and this is another quality product, however taste isn't that good for kiwi / apple.
    I will still use it of course, it wasn't cheap, but it gives quite strong herbal taste, not sure what that is, something like oregano...there is hint of apple and kiwi too, but not that much. Next time i'll pickup no taste or try to improve this taste - it's not a complaint product is still great. (Posted on 2016-05-26)
    Best dosed greens product on the market bar none Review by Aled
    Compare the dosing of the ingredients in this to any of the "leading brands" who offer a similar product and this blows them out of the water. I use this instead of a multivit to cover my nutritional bases, doesn't taste great but it's not taste you're drinking it for. Great product. (Posted on 2016-04-29)
    love it Review by Lenka
    i drink it in my protein shake with banana and goji berries and instead of milk i have a yogurt with water..it's sooo good, look forward to it every day :) (Posted on 2016-04-25)
    Formula has changed! Review by NotoriousKGA
    Since I ordered last, the formula for this powder has changed? It's a lot greener and tastes different, less of oregano and more so a bit salty?
    Despite that, it's still great! I have eczema and find this powder calms down my flare ups!
    i usually have it in a homemade juice or just in a small cup of water and down it.
    Takes a while to get used to but the results are great. (Posted on 2016-04-15)
    Perfect Review by Michal
    I must say, since I ordered COMPLETE GREENS, complete breakfast and multivitamins I lost a lot of weight and I feel great. I must say, I haven't been sick for awhile now! I believe the greens and multivitamins work well. Complete Breakfast is really filling as well. Prices are reasonable and quality is great. (Posted on 2016-04-05)
    Great but... Review by Tim
    I have 2 scoops of the complete greens with 2 scoops of the complete fruit and mix that with water and blackcurrant juice for an ok tasting drink. This is probably super healthy for me but I'd love to know more specifically what vitamin and minerals I'm getting from it and how much. (Posted on 2016-04-02)
    A Fantastic product and idea! Review by Aimee Jemma
    Fantastic way of getting more than your recommended Veggie intake!

    I have this first thing in a morning and i have noticed the differences since using this product only a month ago!

    All the vitamins compressed into these little bags are brilliant.

    This is now a go to item for me when i buy from bulk powders along with my whey protein!

    Great job! (Posted on 2016-03-31)
    Great Product Review by Marz
    I wasnt sure what to expect from taking this, but thought since i'm not always taking all the greens I need on a daily bases i might as well try this for added bonus to my diet. I honesty feel healthier generally speaking, I'm not sure if it has anything to do with my tummy improving digestion. I tried a while back a greens drink which was unflavored, and that was horrible, but this one is flavored and tastes a million times better (Peach and Mango) (Posted on 2016-03-16)
    Mum was right! Review by michael1309
    My mother always told me that when she was younger she'd drink the water drains from cooking the veg and that was why she never had spots.... Never believed her until now!
    Didn't buy this for my skin but mainly because I don't eat enough vegetables. However, my skin has never been clearer! Brilliant little bonus I wasn't expecting.
    Tastes foul but I mix it in with my post gym drink and add flavour drops - which are amazing! Still doesn't taste great but it's drinkable and the benefits outweigh the not so brilliant flavour. (Posted on 2016-03-10)
    Tastes like a herb crusted chicken! Review by ingerfrau
    Now, I have a strong stomach, especially when it comes to products like this but my goodness!! The thyme and rosemary really sing in this greens powder! I am sure it does it's job but will be ordering another bag from a different website that contains no herbs!! Herby taste be gone! (Posted on 2016-03-05)
    Great product Review by Joninetee
    I had been looking for a greens powder to add to my fruit smoothies and found this on Amazon (this is where I first discovered PB) and ordered. The herby smell/taste does take a bit of getting used to but does blend really well with my fruit smoothie. Several weeks on, I love it (and have ordered more from BP) and it has slotted well into my daily diet. I'm sure the taste won't suit everyone but I love it and will continue to use it. (Posted on 2016-02-18)
    Excellent and efficient way to get your greens in Review by SJ
    The unflavoured version doesn't taste ideal as many have said but I'm reluctant to get the new flavours.

    I've began squeezing some fresh lemon into it with some hot water and found it goes down much easier this way. (Posted on 2016-01-26)
    More Drinkable Than I Thought! Review by Gary Cutt
    Once you mix it, you will think what the hell am I doing and the smell is just as bad!!

    But ..... the taste is not that strong and easily drinkable in a few goes.

    I will be buying more. (Posted on 2016-01-20)
    top product Review by liam h
    I found the apple and kiwi flavour really quite nice. Not at all pepppery like many other products and very easy to dirnk. really good add on to anyones diet. (Posted on 2016-01-12)
    Green Review by Nat
    I was expecting the worst, it wasn't that bad, I put it in some diluted sugar free apple squash. It tasted like the smell of a herb garden very strong thyme and oregano, its definately savory. I am going to try it just with water next time - it might also be good in soup :) (Posted on 2016-01-05)
    Apple and kiwi -drinkable but tastes of oregano/basil Review by Raj
    Purchased apple and kiwi flavour. I know taste is subjective but I have to say its a total con with naming it apple and kiwi. The tiniest hint of something tropical, that's it. The majority of the taste being of oregano and basil. The actual taste doesn't bother me so much, but calling it apple and kiwi does its just lies. As to the effectiveness who knows. (Posted on 2015-12-22)
    Fantasic Results Review by Dave
    The powder tastes a bit funky but I've found with repeated usage to find it a refreshing start to the morning although I combine Vitamin C powder that might help. I'm no athlete but a single autistic man who lives alone. I try to squeeze in five a day but often fail I have found that this supplement really improves my energy levels and feel healthier than ever. As a side effect it seems to have enhanced my dietary choices. I highly recommend giving this a try if your diet leaves something to desire. (Posted on 2015-12-17)
    Great product, just get used to the taste Review by ROMAN
    A lot of people are mentioning the taste of this product and they are right, the unflavoured one tastes like toxic sewage on it's own, the flavoured ones taste better obviously, the best thing to do is to just drink this with some juice and it goes down much easier. I've noticed I've been feeling slightly better after taking this everyday so that's good. Bottom line: Get this and EAT UR GREENS! (Posted on 2015-12-13)
    Great product Review by Sarah S
    I've been taking the unflavored version of this every day for about a year. My diet is in general very healthy and includes a lot of vegetables so it's hard to pinpoint any effects, but I'm sure this does some good on its own.

    Anyway, I've been waiting for someone to review the new flavor (since I got mine they have added another one Apple&Kiwi). The unflavored does not taste good but I have gotten used to it. Depending on wether I'm on a bulk or a cut I mix it in my morning spinach/banana smoothie or I just down it with water.

    The Peach&Mango is - as suspected - very very sweet. In fact I find it a bit too sweet do drink on its own in water. But I'm sure it would be good in yoghurt or a smoothie.

    Either way, thumbs up for this product! (Posted on 2015-12-02)
    Just started using this Review by Calmdown
    Just came today in the post, put 3 and a half spoons in with 250ml water. The taste is nasty and make a gag a bit towards the end but it is bearable. It's been around 30 mins since I drank at and I feel really calm and relaxed as if I just finished meditating. It's a blissful feeling and im looking forward to other effects I see in the future!
    All in all it's a really efficient way to get your nutrients if you have a poor diet - and it's over and done with in under a minute! (Posted on 2015-11-26)
    Great idea Review by stMichael
    It tastes like a horribly strong gravy gone wrong.. only berry blast peptide pro in my experience covers the taste. Its no replacement for real veg and if you drink a lot of coffee like i sometimes do.. it passes straight through you on a morning so is a waste of time. I would love bulk powders to show the proper nutritional analysis of this product.. ie.. how much zink per serving etc.

    However.. as for results... ive never had a cold/flue since first purchasing around 6 months ago.My diets usually cock on but when you do have a blow out and eat rubbish this stuff is a great way to instantly top up your veg. I think this should be third top of everyones MUST BUY supliments list and one of the few suppliments i most often tell people to buy. Even if it tastes horrible.. its down in 2 seconds.. have this first then eat/drink something.. it wont repeat on you. (Posted on 2015-11-11)
    great product,,,simple way to get it all in one...convenient. Review by Michael Askin
    great green component for my smoothies & all in one.. (Posted on 2015-11-11)
    Fantastic - I put 3 scoops of this and 2 scoops of the fruits one in a glass of multi fruits juice and it makes it nicer to drink Review by Matthew
    Fantastic - I put 3 scoops of this and 2 scoops of the fruits one in a glass of multi fruits juice and it makes it nicer to drink (Posted on 2015-10-23)
    A teaspoon of honey helps the greens go down Review by Tori
    I mix this with a teaspoon of honey and warm water after the kettle has cooled down. At first I detested the taste, but as with anything you are consistent with, it does becomes tolerable. It's about finding what works for you to make it more palatable. For me it is a great way to get some greens in my diet when I don't always have time to grab a healthy meal. (Posted on 2015-10-21)
    GodLike SuperSupplement Review by Sam
    This dont taste too good but the ingredients be making me feel like superman after taking them, i take em using a little water and taking them as shots, i add 3 and a half scoops and take that down like a man. It makes you feel heroic (Posted on 2015-10-05)
    Fantastic - stop complaining about taste! Review by Paul
    Honestly, when people complain about the taste of supplements like this I scratch my head. It's complete greens powder, and has a kind of "raw greens" taste about it. I don't drink this for a treat I drink it for the health benefits. You only have to put a couple of small scoops (about a teaspoon) into half a shaker of water and swallow it down. If you can do that, do it. After a few times you'll get used to the taste. If you can't handle things that taste a bit yucky though you might have a hard time.

    Now for the supplement - it's awesome! I have a hard time trying to get all my greens and nutrients because I'm terrible for not cooking proper dinners. I started supplementing with this twice a day about a week ago, and I can already see and feel the benefits. Others have noticed too. This is definitely going to be a supp I use from now on. Thanks for yet another quality supp Bulk Powders!! :) (Posted on 2015-08-31)
    Mask the flavour Review by Louis
    I bought 100g of this stuff when it was first released. I think there was only one review at the time that claimed that the taste of this stuff was OK... how wrong they were..

    Now there are a huge number of reviews with even more people mixing this with just water and saying they don't mind the taste.

    You people are mad!

    This stuff tastes awful on it's own it makes me gag.

    However... mixed with some stronger flavours you hardly notice it and it becomes a easy way to supplement your diet.

    I would recommend mixing at the very least with some apple and ginger juice.

    My favourite method of intake is to make a fruit smoothie using frozen fruit (mango, pineapple, melon, kiwi) a banana, apple juice and some honey. (Posted on 2015-08-21)
    Fantastic! Review by Russ
    Firstly, this is a 'Greens' powder with no fillers or flavourings, so it's not going to taste great. That said, it really isn't half as bad as others are claiming. I'm assuming the people saying how disgusting it is have never had pure spirulina powder.... now that is minging! A teaspoon of this mixed with Fruit Juice and it's perfectly palatable.

    Secondly, complaining about the taste is futile anyway as that's not what this is for. This is a megadose of vitamins and minerals in a very easy and convenient package. After your first dose you'll have more energy, feel more alert and your general health and well being will be vastly improved. I have a teaspoon in with my Whey Isolate 97 and Fruit Juice and have a great tasting smoothie of doom that is the perfect recovery product.

    The only thing I'd suggest is if BP could list the amount of nutrients in each serving. How much Vitamin C, Iron etc etc would be very interesting to know. That's a minor point though, the product is fantastic! (Posted on 2015-08-14)
    An excellent product Review by Juliana N
    I have been taking this product for a month now and have noticed a huge difference in my energy levels. I don't mind the taste and usually have it with either water, coconut water or more recently coconut milk (which I prefer). (Posted on 2015-07-30)
    Gluten free version plz!!! Review by Jase
    This sounds like an amazing product but I can't try it as it's not gluten free, a GF version would be great and I'm sure they'd be a demand for it! (Posted on 2015-07-27)
    Complete greens challenge - I CAN handle the taste, can you? Review by Gourd
    Trying Complete Greens for the first time due to my woefull diet at the moment, my attempt at being healthy. Anyway everyone seemed to be saying how bad the strong herby taste was so I am mixing this with innocent blackberries, strawberries and blackcurrant smoothie. This taste combo is not unpleasant, still a herby aftertaste but the grainyness is masked by the texture of the smoothie. I'm going to persist with this combo, if a whimp like me can stomach it, I'm sure most people can! (Posted on 2015-07-04)
    Great price, great nutrition and the taste doesn't have to be awful Review by Noelle
    I got this yesterday and the first tasting was awful. The oregano overpowers everything else, even when I mixed it with almond milk. Today, I added it into my breakfast smoothie by mixing it with protein powder, chia & flax seeds, mango, almond milk, coconut milk and some water and it's not bad at all! Still need to take a sip of water between each gulp because I can still taste the oregano and it brings back bad memories of yesterdays ordeal, but it's definitely palatable now! (Posted on 2015-06-25)
    Fantastic product and worth every penny Review by Lianne
    I notice such a difference in my energy levels when I take this product. Its taken me a while to get used to the flavour, but if I add a little more water and drink it quickly, its just fine. I'm happy to put up with the taste for the benefits it gives me - although some people seem to be ok with the taste.

    I'll definately continue to buy the 1kg option as I think at 41p per serving its fantastic. (Posted on 2015-05-29)
    Great Review by Jack
    I love the clear ingredients list with amounts specified and it's a really easy way of getting extra veg into your diet. Having not really gone a day without a greens supplement for about a year I can't isolate the specific effect that taking it has had, but it's a nice vitamin/mineral safety net.

    So the taste on it's own isn't great I know... Maybe BP could look into a flavoured version or one without the addition of herbs? But I mix it with flavoured BCAAs before bed or in with my post-workout whey shake and it's fine. It has also worked well in with a morning whey, spinach and oat shake blended up. Due to the herbs in it, I've also added it to tomato based sauces in my dinner. Note that this has the side effect of turning the sauce a really unappetising dark green/black which may put some people off.

    As a MyFitnessPal tracker I'd really appreciate it if BP would give the vitamin and mineral content as well. (Posted on 2015-05-19)
    I need my greens :) Review by Julia Abenes
    Great way to get my greens, on top of the real greens.
    Taste is not good, but I take it as a shot, and I manage. (Posted on 2015-05-03)
    Great Product Review by Paul
    I don't know why people are fussing over taste the nutrition this product provides is amazing and fits perfect within my Keto Style Cutting diet.

    I mix it with some chocolate mint casein and it masks the taste perfectly i also sometimes have it with just water and then eat a high protein 3 whole egg 3 egg white omelette straight after.

    This will be a staple product for me and i will continue to use on a regular basis.

    10/10 great product. (Posted on 2015-04-02)
    Flavour Review by Dolly
    I wasn't expecting anything that was green to taste amazing but I actually can't even stomach drinking it its that bad! I know it's packed with goodness but I wouldn't get it again simply because the taste made me want to vomit. (Posted on 2015-03-26)
    amazing product Review by lynne3269
    just started having my complete greens and am amazed at how well I feel. I am type 2 diabetic always struggling to get my blood sugar controlled but from taking this my blood sugars are already stable. i have so much energy and generally feel great. i mix it with pure whey protein which means it tastes much better. now part of my daily routine for life (Posted on 2015-03-14)
    Really Nice Review by Mike
    I think this tastes fine--got used to it. Definitely need to mix it with a shake.

    I wonder though, are the veggies in here organic? (Posted on 2015-03-13)
    Great product Review by Toby
    Tastes like herbs which I don't mind, I mix with whey and it's like a cold creamy soup. Makes you feel amazing the next day. There is simply no other way of getting this much veg in your system without all the hassle. (Posted on 2015-03-05)
    Just works Review by Dave
    If you live a normal, hectic life and need to find a way of ensuring you get more than your five a day easily, fuss free and without spending hours prepping food then this is the one.

    There are a lot of reviews saying it tastes bad... I actually like it. If you mix it in a small glass of fresh orange it's really refreshing and gone in a few gulps anyway.

    Don't get put off by those who are used to supplements so sweet they make your teeth hurt and tasting of double chocolate!

    This is the best mix out there at the minute, works well and makes you feel better. Job done. (Posted on 2015-02-18)
    Herby taste??? Review by Shi
    Looks like a good product but it absolutely stinks of pesto / oregano. What's the reasoning behind the herbs being included? They make the taste really overpowering no matter what I mix it with. (Posted on 2015-02-11)
    Cap 'Em Review by Sarah
    I bought this greens powder many months ago and left it to gather dust because I could not stand the taste. Found it in the cupboard and was inspired to buy the capping kit so I could actually take the product.

    Capping is fiddly, messy and takes a bit of finesse, but it's totally worth it. Can't taste the powder at all! Just swallow it down with water and done.

    The downside is that I don't know how much I'm taking at the moment (size 0 caps and I put only pure greens powder in them) but some greens powder is better than no greens powder amirite?

    Anyway, it's early days yet to see whether the powder makes a difference but I'm knocking off 1 star because it's definitely a trial to consume the powder in the directions given due to the taste. (Posted on 2015-02-10)
    Great Product Review by Peter
    Mix a scoop in with my shakes. Tastes great. Something that I would not go without now.

    Great health benefits. (Posted on 2015-02-09)
    Excellent Product Review by Monica
    I love this product. It contains all the goodness your body requires.

    Tastes good too. I am on my 2nd kilo. (Posted on 2015-01-24)
    It's Green! Review by DN
    I just got my greens today and couldn't wait to try. I mixed per instructions with water and tried it out. The taste is tolerable in that manner but I'm going to mix with a smoothie next time. I think combining 24 greens will definite have some benefits, other powders I've seen do not do as many. (Posted on 2015-01-22)
    Overpowering flavour of the herbs Review by Colin
    Really good product. Just wish the herbs could be reduced or removed. Their flavour is too strong and over powers anything you add to try and mask the horrible flavour. (Posted on 2015-01-20)
    Interesting Taste Review by Rick
    Drinking this with just water will probably be the closest I'll ever get to a bushtucker trial. I've found that mixing it with cordial makes it much more bearable, definitely don't over do it with the scoops though or you won't be able to finish it!

    (Posted on 2015-01-15)
    Fantastic Review by Gerald
    Not a good taste but definitely a great result.

    Improved energy and a clearer mind, the most effective greens powder I have ever taken. (Posted on 2014-12-30)
    so far so good Review by Catherine
    I work a busy schedule so dont eat enough greens at all. Was a bit apprehensive about the taste as I have a weak stomach. Mixed with water downed it in 1, was fine. Feel less sluggish and more naturally energized. (Posted on 2014-12-16)
    Great addition to juices Review by Voji
    Juicing everyday with generally available veggies (e.g. broccoli, avocado, kale leafs and etc.). This with additional two scoops of complete greens makes it wonderful (as long as won't focus on taste ;) pre-dinner energizer. (Posted on 2014-12-16)
    Great Review by Jon
    Brilliant product to top up veg intake, would & have recommended this mix. Tastes awful though. (Posted on 2014-11-30)
    Super product Review by Edda
    Super product . Tastes fine in juice with breakfast. I find one heaped teaspoon is enough daily. (Posted on 2014-11-26)
    Top stuff Review by Garry
    Great product and as per cheapest on the market with the best ingredients. However the taste isn't so good, but what can you expect from all the greens that's in there. Great product over all, if like me your pushed to cook veggies on a daily basis. (Posted on 2014-11-18)
    Goes well with pear Review by julesj0
    So far I've had it with hot water, cold water, lime juice and by chance tried it with pear juice the other day.

    Pear juice wins by a country mile. The thickness of the juice masks the grittiness and the pear flavour compliments the kale overbite.
    (Posted on 2014-11-06)
    Good stuff Review by Paulie D
    Having read some of the reviews and worried about the taste (I have an incredibly weak stomach), I decided to mix the powder with boiling water and a touch of cayenne pepper to make it a cup of soup. Not bad at all, still haven't tried it cold yet but definitely ordering more. (Posted on 2014-11-06)
    Worth it Review by Miki
    Good stuff, herby not faul taste, worth it. (Posted on 2014-10-20)
    Worth a try Review by Sam
    This stuff doesn't taste great, BUT it's great, I use it pre-workout followed by my post-workout all in one and it's a great combination. I feel full of energy afterwards and raring to go.

    Top tip: Drink this in one go in your mixer, then any powder at the bottom mix with your all in one post-work out. (Posted on 2014-10-09)
    Veg in a drink Review by Marcus
    Does what it says... perfect. (Posted on 2014-09-04)
    Good product once you get used to the taste Review by Wendy
    Made up my first glass of this with some trepidation after reading words like 'disgusting' and 'vile' in the reviews. Not as bad as that but still not exactly enjoyable. After a couple of weeks though I have got used to it and by taking the recommended amount in about three quarters of a pint of very cold water and stirring frequently it goes down quite nicely and I certainly feel good on it. (Posted on 2014-09-03)
    Great Stuff Review by Claire S
    Great product. The taste is actually nice in coconut milk, in water its ok. I'm taking the product as one approach to deal with rosacea, I'm also eating paleo so fingers crossed this green wonder drink will sort out my bright red face!!!! (Posted on 2014-08-25)
    Great way to get nutrients in, just don't smell it Review by Kiki
    This powder is a great way to incorporate greens in your breakfast or snacks. You should always eat your veggies, but whenever you can't this powder is the solution. Just try not to breathe through your nose from the moment you open the pouch till the moment you close it. I use 1 scoop in a tall glass of water, and I also mix in half a scoop of the natural pure whey powder and I can only taste the protein. (Posted on 2014-08-22)
    perfect (except the taste) Review by zyzz
    I hate vegetables so decided to try this for my 5 a day.

    The taste is horrible but you get used to it. I just down it anyway and it's fine.

    I feel a "high" for around 2 hours after this has digested.

    Will buy again, wish it had a really nice taste though. (Posted on 2014-08-21)
    Suprised Review by James
    Im not sure why people complain so much about the taste I genuinely like the taste of it!

    Also its the absolute easiest and cheapest way to get 5+ a day. Great product. (Posted on 2014-08-19)
    Really good - taste no so good Review by Steve
    I found after having this for just a few days, I had a lot more energy and was stronger in the gym. The taste is not good, especially if you put 9g (3 scoops) in 250ml of water. However, if you put 9g in a pint glass of warm water and add about 400ml of water it is a lot easier to take it down. Or you can add some scoops of spinach or carrot powder to make it a bit sweeter and take the 'edge' off of it! (Posted on 2014-08-12)
    Brilliantly Disgusting Review by Vicky
    The powder itself is amazing and a great way of consuming your 5+ a day. It is also great value for money as well as quick and easy to make.

    The taste on the other hand is absolutely disgusting and i find it hard to stomach most days.

    I physically cannot drink it with water, i have to mix in some very sweet fruits or juices to take it but the flavor is so strong it is still pretty hard! I find drinking a small yogurt afterwards to get rid of the disgusting taste makes it so much easier! (Posted on 2014-08-11)
    Excellent Review by Mark
    Some people may say it tastes horrible but if you'd rather sit and stuff your face with endless amounts of leaves then go right ahead.

    Otherwise put it in a smoothie, down it with water or mix it with olive oil and balsamic vinegar and dip some bread in that shit. (Posted on 2014-07-30)
    Different from last batch Review by Tom
    Just received my second order of Complete Greens. Having looked over at some of the earlier reviews many people said it tasted too much like herbs so perhaps Bulk Powders have changed their formula but this current batch has a distinctively less herby taste and is a little more of a sour taste. Yet it is not offensive on the palete at all, it just tastes like what it is.
    Mixes easily and would recommend to a friend. (Posted on 2014-07-21)
    Excellent Taste Review by Alex
    I have tried numerous greens drinks from various different companies such as PHD and Myprotien, this is very nice and extremely reasonable price wise. (Posted on 2014-07-15)
    Refreshing Review by Tom
    Tasted weird the first time but you soon start enjoying it. Quite nice and refreshing. Took it for a week felt a different. Reordering the 1kg bag. (Posted on 2014-07-14)
    Basil.... Review by Leon
    This tastes a lot like Basil and is very overpowering! I've drank it with water the last few days and I think I'm am somewhat getting used to the very strong basil taste/smell. Maybe if I try with other ingredients I can get it to tast nicer. One guy drinks it with almond milk and protein and says it tastes nice. I think I'll try it like that next. (Posted on 2014-07-11)
    Green powder Review by Luisa
    I had previously bought Broccoli and Spinach powder and decided to buy the Complete Greens. It does smell of herbs, but I usually drink it with almond milk and protein powder so the taste is actually really good. I didn't drink it with water. (Posted on 2014-07-07)
    Top product. Review by Jack
    Its a supplement derived from whole vegetables so I fail to understand the complaints about flavour no matter how you consume it.

    I personally drink it with water twice a day when I wake up and before i go to bed. I have noticed a distinct difference in fat loss over the 3 weeks I have been taking it. A friend of mine has seen much the same affects as me, which motivated me to try the product in the first place. Going to buy a second bag now to see if I continue to see the changes in my body composition. (Posted on 2014-06-30)
    BEST SO FAR Review by Neil
    I have tried hundreds of supplements over the past 20 years and Bulk Powders is definitely what is says on the tin, much better than Myproteins nutri-greens, really tastes more authentic and fresh you can actually taste what is inside, rather than just the taste of green algae, wish I had found bulk powders years ago! (Posted on 2014-06-30)
    Not for me, I'm afraid. Review by Christine
    Like another reviewer, I'm sorry to say that I found this just too heavy on the herbs. All I could smell was rosemary! As I prefer to take my green powder in yogurt, this just wasn't appropriate. I tried to persevere but ended up passing the packet on to my daughter. (Posted on 2014-06-19)
    Complete Greens Powder Review by Freshona
    Green powder mixes generally don't taste too good and this is no exception!

    In my opinion the herb blend is too overpowering and spoils the drink and I'm not sure if I can get through 1kg of this stuff lol.

    Other than that the ingredients seem good... (Posted on 2014-06-18)
    NO COMPLAINTS Review by Craig
    Like others have said the taste is never going to be nice considering what it actually is. For me it's perfectly manageable with water, hardly noticeable with pineapple/apple juice. Just mix it and down it, the benefits are brilliant, feel great after 2 weeks (have it early morning). Will be ordering more. (Posted on 2014-06-13)
    Is it worth it? Review by Dan
    Had my first serving of this about 20 minutes ago and I still have a horrible hangover in my mouth. Really want to keep going to see what benefits it may have but at this early stage I don't think I'll be able to continue to stomach it. Tried mixing with double choc Informed Mass shake and even then was shivering with displeasure after every mouthful.
    By all accounts the effects are good but only the strong of will and numb of tongue might get there.... (Posted on 2014-06-13)
    Feels good, Tastes good. Review by Jack
    Not too sure what people's expectations of the flavour was, but its complete greens, the taste is never going to be lip smacking good. The taste in my opinon is better than the reviews would have you believe. I have been drinking it with water and it tastes fine. Make sure you have it in a shaker or have a spoon handy as it does clump in the bottom so you will end up with the majority of the powder in the bottom of the glass if you dont continually mix it.

    Very early on but I think this product is a decent one and I will be buying again once my bag is finished. (Posted on 2014-06-13)
    Tastes so bad it has to be good Review by David
    Only complaint is the taste, but with that list of ingredients it was to be expected. All green supps I've tried had similar taste.

    Still would recommend it.

    Will be buying it again.

    (Posted on 2014-06-12)
    Amazing, after just two servings Review by AC-Exeter
    Received yesterday, took one serving straight away, and took another this morning. Next visit to the loo was "very productive" let's just say.

    I'm not drinking any juices at the moment, so I am only mixing with whey or with water. Made the whey taste weird so second time I just used water and that was much more drinkable.

    I'll definitely be ordering this again - my stomach feels much more calm already. (Posted on 2014-06-11)
    I recommend using tomato juice Review by Culs
    Not the nicest taste when just mixing with water. As it has a strong herb taste I decided to try mixing with tomato juice as that seemed to make sense and now I really enjoy it although I do use 500ml. (Posted on 2014-06-09)
    Not bad at all Review by Steve
    I'll preface this by saying I cannot stand vegetables whatsoever. I've tried blending fresh veg using a blendtec and even that flavour was not tolerable, and I would routinely gag it down every morning that I could face it.

    This stuff though, is absolutely fine - I sneak it into my protein shake and the only thing detectable is the flavour of herbs, which is a bit weird but not unpleasant.

    So on the basis that I can't imagine there is anybody out there who is more repulsed by the flavour of vegetation as I am, I'd have to give this top marks.

    As for positive health benefits... not sure as yet, as I only ordered 100g to try. Ordering more now. (Posted on 2014-06-04)
    Takes getting used to Review by Terence
    Ok it doesn't taste great with water but I mix it with V8 juice and water. You can put all sorts of stuff in the blender with it. I put tabasco and coriander. Just like a cold tasty soup. I think I feel the benefits. Better mood and increased energy throughout the day. I will be buying more. (Posted on 2014-05-16)
    Does the job but awful taste Review by Steven
    This is the first time I've used BP Greens as I usually use a competitor.

    The ingredients list is all top notch but the taste is rancid, I expected a veggie taste to my protein shake which is how I mix it but no matter which flavour protein I use all I can taste and smell is the basil and oregano.

    Quality of supplement 5 stars. Taste 2 stars. (Posted on 2014-05-12)
    Great stuff! Review by Deni
    My partner and I gave this a try and we could see the effects within days.

    It tastes exactly as you'd expect, which isn't terrible.

    More energy, better mood, and better skin. Generally all round great product.

    Worth a try. (Posted on 2014-05-05)
    People need to stop b*tching Review by Mehmet
    Yeah it does not taste that good, but it is not at all like people described, the only thing BP need to do is to remove or turn down the volume of Oregano, because that is what it smells and tastes like.

    I haven't taken it regularly yet, so can't tell any benefits yet. (Posted on 2014-04-28)
    Leaner and more energy Review by Mary
    I have to say I have noticed a difference after only a few days of taking this. It tastes awful to the extent I have to hold my nose to take it, but the benefits far outweigh the taste.

    In the beginning I mixed it with water and it was horrendous, but now I mix it with a scoop of protein powder first thing when I wake up and it's fine :)

    I would recommend it to anyone. I've noticed I'm becoming leaner and I've not changed much else. It's become a vital part of my supps now. (Posted on 2014-04-28)
    Best in the class Review by Tsvetomir Mladenov
    Hello Team,

    The smell and taste are very strong to me. Not possible to be taken with water. Could suggest to be made in tabs for easy and fast swallow or to be put in soft gel capsules as I've doing right now.

    Congratulations for great product! (Posted on 2014-04-10)
    Too fragrant, but good Review by lee photo-flex
    Well we know the benefit of this so its a case of get it down and thats it, the taste of the herbs is a little high, fragrant. I'd rather it be dull and sour than fragrant. I'm not sure if the herbs are needed. More veg maybe. But I'm hoping its working. No adverse feelings after 3 days. (Posted on 2014-03-26)
    Awesome! Review by Ben
    Taste - Actually very delicious and refreshing after the first couple of servings! Used to mix with orange squash or fruit juice (which tastes amazing), but now I prefer with ice cold water.

    Benefits - Like other reviewers, I have had people comment on my hair and skin, telling me how clear and healthy it looks.

    Another benefit - which I was not expecting, was the increase in reps and strength. I painstakingly track my training, and I noticed a 45% (20kg) increase in my 5x10 (5/3/1 BBB) bench press weight within 2 weeks. I did not change my diet, sleep or training during this time either, and I have never experienced an increase this large since I was a beginner. (Posted on 2014-03-09)
    Brilliant!!! Review by Emma
    I have been taking the Complete greens for a week now and I am convinced it has made a difference already.

    Before I was feeling lethargic but now I am feeling much more energetic and happy.

    It tastes foul but the benefits outweigh the taste. (Posted on 2014-02-27)
    Tastes awful - BUT........ Review by Mohamed
    This product is simply life enhancing. It contains every spectrum of nutrients and minerals required by the body to maintain good health at a cellular level.

    Me and my wife actually feel physically better for taking this.

    Keep up the good work guys!!! (Posted on 2014-02-26)
    Fabulous! Review by Petra
    BIG FAN of Bulk Powders products and have been bugging them to launch a greens product for a long time (thanks BP!).

    Have been using this for just over a week and I feel better, look better (had several comments that my skin is glowing) and I seem to have more energy.

    I like the fact that I can see how much of each ingredient is in this formula. That's a winner for me.

    Taste is not amazing by any means but if you don't have high expectations then it's not too bad. Tastes quite 'herby' but it's actually quite refreshing after a while.

    I drink it with ice cold water but have also added to to smoothies and am going to try and use it in a few recipes soon. Will hopefully share these.

    Overall I give this 5/5 - would highly recommend it to anyone! (Posted on 2014-02-11)



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